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The Prince’s Foundation offers a broad range of innovative and inspiring education programmes, from traditional arts and heritage craft skills, to architecture and design, science, engineering, horticulture, wellbeing and hospitality. Programmes take place within and beyond the charity’s sites, both nationally and internationally.

We fill over 15,000 places on education programmes every year. We deliver over 30 distinct programmes across a broad variety of thematic areas. Our participants are aged anywhere between 4 and 74 and we deliver a high proportion of employment and further education take-up from a large number of our programmes.

Our Academic Programmes, delivered in partnership with other leading institutions, are often at the forefront of curriculum design. Our Further Education Programmes develop the next generation of practitioners, with a particular focus on hands-on education that teaches practical skills. Our Schools Programme specifically targets gaps in the curriculum or helps support formal education systems. Our Short Courses generate interest in careers and upskill existing practitioners.

The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts exists to ensure that traditional arts and skills enrich our changing world. Our pioneering postgraduate programmes (MA, MPhil and PhD) are based in the creative, artistic practice of the traditional arts. Our short courses, taster sessions and lectures are open to all. We have reached more than twenty countries. Our Harmony programme, designed for primary schools, gives young people a more holistic view of the world.

We believe that harmonious communities learn, as well as live, together.


School of Traditional Arts

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We ensure that traditional arts enrich our changing world by offering courses at all levels to everyone interested in developing their knowledge and skill in textiles, ceramics, calligraphy, stained glass, mosaics and more. From short courses, taster sessions and lectures to our pioneering academic programmes and outreach work in over 20 countries, we aim to inspire people to continue their journey with traditional arts, taking our heritage into the future.

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Dumfries House

Image of Dumfries House

One of Britain’s most beautiful country estates, Dumfries House, provides innovative programmes for primary-age pupils to post-graduate students. Farm-to-fork experiences, exciting workshops in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, maths) and the opportunity to take part in craft initiatives, are all part of the dynamic education offering.

The Estate also proves a space for many craftspeople to demonstrate and learn hands-on skills of building restoration and heritage crafts, including stonemasonry, joinery and timber framing, thatching, lime plastering and pargeting. The ongoing restoration project, begun in 2007 by HRH The Prince Charles, can be seen by visitors to the estate all year round.

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Students and Alumni

We have been lucky enough to teach some of the most exceptional and talented students through our portfolio of courses, many of whom go on to highly successful careers in a variety of disciplines. Here are some of their stories and what they have achieved after studying with us.