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Housing Britain


The Prince’s Foundation champions research papers that relate to the charity’s key objectives and areas of interest. You can find these publications here where you can download as a PDF

Housing Britain: A Call to Action

A 64-page publication which features a range of specially-commissioned articles articulated by a range of industry pioneers and thought-leaders addressing issues around housing in the UK.


The Value of Community

A joint report with the University College of Estate Management which reveals a direct link between housing type and social benefits.


Journal of urbanism

A multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal that focuses on human settlement and its relationship to the idea of sustainability, social justice and cultural understanding. It is concerned with the relative impact of design on environmental perception, urban livability and the experience of space. Co-founded and is co-edited by Prof Emily Talen of the University of Chicago and Dr Matthew Hardy of The Prince's Foundation, and published by Taylor & Francis.

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