Image of girl from the Hub School

Hub Schools

In Surrey, our pilot workshops realised an ambition to create individual hub schools, which would roll out our HARMONY pro- gramme resources to a wider audience. The programme helps teachers deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum through practical, hands-on activities that link children’s learning across subjects such as maths, art, design, geography, history and science.

The first hub school is Ashley C of E Primary in Walton-on- Thames. Teachers from 20 other Surrey primary schools come here to attend a programme of four workshops, which follow the cycle of the four seasons. They immerse themselves in activities which explore harmony in the order of nature, geometry and principles of sustainability. They get down to making tessellated tiles, kites and domes, grinding pigments, marbling, using compasses and straight edge rulers. Each workshop is themed appropriately to the season and supported by a beautifully produced package of innovative, varied teaching resources that can be flexibly adapted for use with any class or group.

After each workshop, teachers return to their schools with their HARMONY resources and ideas for activities to share their learning with colleagues. The adaptability of these resources, and of our HARMONY programme’s practical, collaborative approach to learning, proves successful and fun in all sorts of contexts.

Some of the participating schools involve their local communities by exhibiting all the beautiful objects the students have created – carpet designs, stained glass windows, marbled pavements and complex geometric structures – celebrating unity through diversity with appreciative families and friends.