Image of Malaysian pattern


The alumni and staff of The School were pleased to have their work featured in the exhibition, ‘Divine Inspiration: Seven Principles of Islamic Architecture’, at The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia in February 2009. For the exhibition The School provided panels outlining the principles of traditional art, as well as drawings to show the design process, from pattern to finished tile, inspired by tiles from across the Islamic world.

Students, alumni, and staff conducted workshops on the spiritual and geometric roots of the traditional arts. These were aimed at museum curators and staff from other organisations, as well as architecture students from the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur.

The Royal Weaves project was a unique collaboration between The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, The British Malaysian Society and the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia to study and promote the special textile traditions and heritage of the royal courts of Malaysia. The two-week exhibition hosted by The Prince’s School provides a unique insight into the traditional and contemporary use of the textiles and present-day initiatives to promote them.