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Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah

The regeneration of the Old City of Jeddah has stimulated a growing awareness of the richness of its cultural heritage. Through our School's longstanding association with Art Jameel, we have worked with Art Jameel to establish the Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah, which has made the Old City of Jeddah itself a prime teaching resource. The teaching material for all the studies and activities (theoretical and practical) derives from the architectural and crafts heritage of this unique environment.

The Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah, housed in an historical building in the Old City, hosts varied educational activities that are accessible and relevant to all ages. We integrate our teaching methodology with the skills and experience of local master craftsmen: learning happens through practice.

The Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah's programme in traditional arts and crafts began in September 2016. Our programme is part-time, one year long, and taught by PSTA tutors from the UK, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Participants will take design modules including Geometry, Nabati Design and Colour, as well as modules in traditional crafts: Methods and Materials, Decorative Painting, Gypsum Carving, Wood Parquetry & Mangour, and Ceramics. Participants will complete the year with a design and make project that brings all they have learnt into a unified whole.

We accept around 20 participants each year through a competitive application process. Interviews are held in Jeddah, and news about applications can be found on the Art Jameel website, at the link below.

The Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah is a collaboration between Art Jameel, the Saudi Arabian Society for Arts and Culture and The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. Our centre opened in October 2015. The Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah also offers a public programme of community activities for adults, children and families at week-ends and during local festivals.

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