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Integrated Design & Craft Education Programme

Integrated Design & Craft Education Programme

In partnership with The Royal Commission for AlUla


The vision for The Intergrated Design & Craft Education Programme is for it to become a main education and cultural centre in AlUla, an inspirational creative hub that generates a genuine sense of pride for the heritage of the region. It will become a focal point in AlUla offering a unique opportunity for participants to learn and gain inspiration from the philosophy “we are nature” and design and make products reflecting the environment of AlUla through creative & contemporary means of expression.

The centre is a long-term development of education, design and community programmes in AlUla, serving as a focal point, both physical and inspirational, which will draw together a variety of fields and skills and also act as a spring for initiatives that can extend into the community.

The Integrated Design and Craft Education programme is an integral part of the KSA's vision for the preservation and enhancement of the natural, historic and cultural heritage of AlUla. It will bring together the wider community through a diverse range of activities, workshops and talks.

The Integrated Design and Craft Education programme comprises of 4 integrated elements.

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Vocational Training Programme

One-year course for local artists, craftsmen and designers focused on the Art of the Order of Nature in AlUla.

Design Studio & Production Studio

On-going programme for select graduates of the Vocational Training Programme.

Public Programme

Workshops for adults during the year and as part of seasonal festivals including Kids’ Club; engaging children and their families.

Artist in Residence Programme

Residencies open to local, national and international artists.

The Integrated Education Programme aims to:

• Build an understanding of the language of the order of nature and its underlying philosophical principles

• Instill awareness of the value of AlUla’s natural beauty and cultural heritage and enrich the quality of life of the local community by affirming a local identity

• Nurture and support young women and men in the development of a range of crafts objects inspired by the principles of the order of nature.

• Raise the general level of technical and design skills in the local community.

• Focus on young people in the community interested in design and crafts, who would benefit from these design skills and become involved in the development of a brand identity.

• Widen the range of craft products currently produced in AlUla to include higher level bespoke items and corporate gifts as well as aiming at a younger and more design oriented market.

• Engage the local community and nurturing inter-generational learning and sharing of knowledge.

Core Programmes at Marasaat Addeera

The Vocational Training Programme

One-year course for local 18+ artists focused on the Art of the Order of Nature in AlUla. The Programme aims to enhance awareness of the beauty and richness of AlUla’s natural and cultural heritage. Giving students a solid foundation in traditional arts and crafts by teaching principles of design rooted in the Order of Nature. Culminating in building a core group of confident young designer-makers to inspire the creation of locally relevant artworks and products.

This hands-on programme allows students to explore their own creative paths connecting to the traditions of their culture and expressing them through their own voice.

Design and Production Studio

A graduate programme for students of the Vocational Training Programme, gives the opportunity for maturity of skills with focus on product development. It provides space, time and mentorship for the student to develop their design skills, creating prototype ideas and products. With further practical training, set in the context of real-life commissions, graduates can further develop their skills and work towards product prototypes to be released onto the market.

Public Programmes

Activities, talks and workshops for all ages offering the wider community in AlUla to get involved in traditional arts and crafts of their heritage. Everyone has the chance to try something new, learning from the wide community of local and international artists and teachers of The School of Traditional Arts. The school offers an extended programme during the winter festival seasons of AlUla. The workshops are for 18+, children & families; they are free to attend, all materials provided, just booking is required.

Winter Festival

The Prince's Foundation School of the Traditional Arts runs a substantial public programme and Art Residencies programme throughout the winter festival season to create public art in AlUla every year.

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Art Residencies Programme

Our Art Residencies Programme allows experienced artists as well as young graduates to discover and learn more about the local arts, crafts and materials of AlUla while immersing themselves into the beauty of its landscapes. During the residency, the artist would explore the landscape; spend time with local craftsmen learning about the local techniques, to create a piece of work that reflects that the key philosophy of the School’s work in AlUla - The Order of Nature.

• Invite international and local artists to experience and learn about of the crafts, techniques and painting materials of AlUla.

• Expand awareness of the value of the artistic heritage of AlUla and enrich artistic practices by sharing techniques and practices.

• Nurture and support practicing artists in the understanding of the origins of their materials and the diversity of cultural applications.

• Engage the community and students of the Design and Production Studio through workshops and talks.

• Connect national and international artists through cultural exchange.

• Offer artists the opportunity to exhibit newly created work as part of a group show during the Winter festival season.


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