Announcing the first residential Geometry Summer School at Dumfries House
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News 6 April 2018

Announcing the first residential Geometry Summer School at Dumfries House

Drawing Geometry Today: Methodologies of Unity in Diversity

The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts is pleased to announce its first residential Geometry Summer School at Dumfries House, 27-31 August 2018. This annual event brings together international geometry practitioners and teachers to engage in positive dialogue, share diverse approaches and exchange practical drawing methods relevant to contemporary practice.

The art of geometry has flourished across cultures and eras, with a great variety of methodologies developing from both scientific and craft applications. Today there is a worldwide resurgence of individuals engaging with geometry. The School of Traditional Arts and its alumni have been at the heart of this movement over the last 30 years thanks to Keith Critchlow and Paul Marchant, who guided generations of students to experience geometry as an inclusive and creative practice, a beautiful and universal language transcending nationality or creed.

More recently, social media is playing an important part in facilitating intellectual and creative developments. This Geometry Summer School is the first opportunity to bring this diverse community together in one location.

Our five day Geometry Summer School offers a series of in-depth lectures, seminars and practical workshops. Experts will address topics such as: the tools of the geometer, historical and contemporary; hand drawn methods and computer-aided design; rare symmetry groups; Islamic geometry, its philosophy and symbolism; and practical sessions on particular cultural expressions of geometry.

The School of Traditional Arts recognises geometry as the link between all the sacred and traditional arts, which is why we emphasise its importance throughout our curriculum and teaching. It is the only higher learning institution dedicated to the teaching of traditional and creative geometry from first principles through to complex pattern creation. Our students learn the language, application and the metaphysical exploration of geometry.

This residential Geometry Summer School will take place in the beautiful setting of Dumfries House Estate, in Ayrshire, Scotland. In 2007, HRH Prince Charles, The Duke of Rothesay, intervened to save and restore Dumfries House, designed by Robert Adams. His Royal Highness has developed the 2,000 acre estate as an educational resource for the public. It is a beautiful setting for teachers and students to explore the harmonies and patterns of nature.

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