Work by graduating students
Work by graduating students

News 29 September 2017

Students graduate at Jameel House of Traditional arts /Cairo

We are proud to announce the graduation of our students at the Jameel House of Traditional Arts /Cairo for the academic year 2016-17.

Seventeen students specialising in four different crafts including gypsum carving, brass piercing, wood-work and ceramics, producing a range of items from pierced brass lampshades to ceramics vessels, mihrabs and chess sets to hand carved gypsum screens and wood inlaid boxes and furniture.

At the graduation event held on the 14th of September 2017, the new graduates presented their artwork to delegations from: Art Jameel, our generous supporter and partner in establishing the Jameel House of Traditional Arts/Cairo; and the Cultural Development Fund in Cairo, who have hosted the programme in Fustat since 2009. PSTA Director Khaled Azzam joined PSTA Cairo Programme Manager Mamdouh Sakr to celebrate and congratulate our students on their successful creative achievements.

Click to learn more about the PSTA programme in Cairo - Jameel House of Traditional Arts.

Work by graduating students Work by graduating students