artwork in 23 carat gold, silver, handmade watercolors

Janiece Murray

Artist statement

I am an American artist of European descent and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This series of illuminated paintings and calligraphy has been an attempt to bring my experiences and faith together with the traditional arts and crafts and religious expression of medieval Western European illuminated manuscripts. In medieval times books and literacy were rare and initially, the majority of books were religious in subject. Among other things, religious books were illuminated to reflect the sacred nature of the contents and as an act of devotion.

I was taught gilding by Helen White and took a further course from her on medieval manuscript illumination. I enjoyed the processes of gilding and painting she taught and was inspired to illuminate scriptural accounts of the creation from the Bible and additional scriptures. I researched Western European manuscript illumination and made copies of illuminations and miniatures from multiple regions and time periods in order to apply the techniques and principles I had learned to create a manuscript of sorts tailored to my religious beliefs.

Calligraphy, gilding and painting are the heart of medieval illuminated manuscripts and are also the heart of my project. I learned the textualis quadrata script, traditionally used for writing Bibles, from Paul Antonio and used it to copy verses of scripture in handmade iron gall ink. I gilded or illuminated my calligraphy and paintings with the traditional and natural mordants that Helen White taught. My paintings are painted with hand-made watercolors that Dr David Cranswick taught me how to make.


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I am a student of traditional techniques and arts including gilding, geometry and handmade watercolors. Many traditional arts are connected to spiritual and religious beliefs, I also strive to incorporate and reflect my beliefs in my work. My studies with Wulf Barsch at Brigham Young University led me to learn more about the craft of master artists and eventually to study with a variety of tutors and masters at The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts. I now work to find the best way to incorporate what I have learned into my own practice as an artist.



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