Aloria Weaver, Degree Show, Arte et labore

Aloria Weaver

Albukhary Foundation Scholar

Artist Statement

Art, through beauty, has the capacity to illuminate the transcendent aspects of human existence. Art has the potential to awaken the mind and uplift the soul of the individual as well as the collective; to reveal universal truths; to reflect a sense of goodness and harmony; to expand the limited perceptions of an otherwise mundane world. The highest goal of any work of art is to reveal the light of the sacred, shining through the material. Through prayerful intent, the artist can transfigure matter to reflect a higher order of reality.

Through participation in a living craft, I strive to communicate with the conscious spirit in all things, seeking a state of oneness with Nature herself. Engagement in the artistic process then becomes both ritual practice and devotional prayer. The act of creation manifests as a dialog with the elements and an acknowledgement of the delicate web of interconnectedness of all life, of which we each are but one part. At its best, this focused creative concentration becomes a form of meditation for me. Whether it be painting, carving, sculpting or geometric construction, the single-pointed focus of attention on the creative act becomes an observance; a contemplation of the celestial order of the living universe and an expression of reverence for Mother Earth.

Careful practice and devotion to handmade craft necessitates a return to a sustainable pace, while the use of natural materials serves as a means for reconnection to Source. Through engaging with slow, deliberate processes, utilizing materials that come directly from the Earth, I connect to my origin, both literally through physical contact with the substance, and symbolically, through emulation of the creative processes of Nature.

After 25 years as an oil painter, the progression to the medium of stained glass was a welcome new challenge. The alchemical symbolism of working with lead and light to transfigure matter was particularly appealing, and I gradually discovered an authentic love for the medium. In considering possible settings for the windows I would create, my interest in sacred architecture deepened. This provided a graceful transition to letter carving in stone when my stained glass work was curtailed by the international move. Working in the seemingly divergent mediums of glass and stone is inspiring me to consider the potential for future architectural applications for the synthesis of these materials.


Aloria Weaver is an artist from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (US) whose work in stained glass integrates her 25 years as an oil painter and explores the cultural heritage of her ancestry: Celtic, Baltic & Anglo-Saxon people who immigrated to the British Isles. Her work is inspired by Nature Mysticism–a direct personal relationship to the Living Earth–utilising stained glass as a symbolic representation for the harmonious integration of spirit (light) and matter.


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