Mariam Motamed Miri

With the rich tapestry of knowledge, context and skills in the traditional arts from first year firmly under my feet, I leapt into the beautiful and wondrous journey of the second year. When deciding on the theme of my project, what I knew for sure was that I would allow my heart rather than my head lead the way.

I want to create art that is a glimpse of my journey to date, exploring my heritage and learning more about my Motherland (Iran) through its art and culture whilst keeping my artistic craft within the context of traditional art: a harmonious interaction of head, heart and hand with the intention of creating artwork that is not done simply for the sake of art itself but as a remembrance of what is True, Beautiful and Good.

For part of my second year MA project I propose to re-create the signs of the zodiac, a depiction and representation of the order and harmony that exists in the cosmos using ceramics as my medium. The seed of this subject was sown during our first year field trip to Dumfries House when we learnt about the geometrical order and harmony of the cosmos & the patterns created by the position of the constellations. The twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements—fire, earth, air and water. Furthermore, the making of ceramics also involves the interplay of the four elements. This is also in keeping with the materials and tools of the traditional artist which are derived from natural sources.

I have explored the history of Persian ceramics including fritware and lusterware made during the12th to 14th centuries especially in the city of Kashan. I have been inspired by these as well as the 18th century moulded tiles of the Qajar era. I have experimented and developed my own technique in re-creating the images of these celestial bodies in moulded ceramic artworks that, hopefully, can be appreciated by sight and touch.

Time allowing, I also hope to convey my love of the written word, through a painting incorporating the word ‘Eshgh’ meaning ‘Love’: that which encompasses all that I have received and, I hope, given over the past two glorious years at the School.