Neighbourhood Planning


Over the period from April 2011 to March 2013 we worked closely with over 50 communities developing Neighbourhood Plans under the provisions of the Localism Act 2011. They were selected from over 150 applications for support under the Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning programme funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government. The neighbourhoods we assisted ranged from small rural areas with a simple set of issues to large urban areas with complex issues and diverse population. 

Most of our neighbourhood planning work in the first year of the programme was delivered in the form of hands-on, participatory workshops with local residents and businesses, as well as other key stakeholders such as local authorities, transport/highways authorities, landowners, developers, etc. This is based on the Enquiry by Design (EbD) method of stakeholder engagement developed by us. 

In the second year we delivered carefully targeted support to 24 neighbourhoods, focused on progressing Neighbourhood Plans. This included support at various stages of Plan development, related to:

  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Facilitating / running collaborative planning and decision making events 
  • Drafting of Neighbourhood Plans 
  • Carrying out sustainability appraisals where requested by local authorities 
  • Facilitating joint working between neighbourhood bodies, their local planning authorities and other key stakeholders (incl  developers and landowners) 
  • Providing extra project management capacity 
  • Demonstrating compliance with NPPF and local plans / core strategies. 

Over the course of the programme we facilitated over 300 workshops, meetings and community events, attended by over 12,000 people. 

For examples of the work delivered under this programme please see our neighbourhood planning case studies.