Architectural Tuning of Settlements - Léon Krier 

This is the first in a series of books written by 'giants' of traditional urban design, that have contributed to our academic capital. Amusingly and engagingly illustrated, the book is a compact and easy to read 40-page treatise on Krier's design philosophy and is an important contribution to our academic and practical work.

Price: £12

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The Place of Dwelling - Ray Gindroz 

This is the second in a series of books written by respected contributors to the sphere of traditional urban design, including Léon Krier and David Cadma. In this book Ray Gindroz Illustrates, with many watercolours, plans and photographs the importance of the place of dwelling.

Price: £12

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The Roots of Sustainability - David Cadman

"The Roots of Sustainability" is the third book in a series of ten by our Senior Fellows. The book explores the meaning of sustainability and the relationship between our economic, environmental and social lives.

Prince: £12

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Tradition and Sustainability - The Prince's Foundation 

This book examines one of the most important challenges that faces the developed world: how to build green cities. It gives the reader an insight into current thinking on the subject that will both enlighten the layperson and provide an important, scholarly appreciation for the university market of courses in Urbanism, Planning, and Architecture. The importance of the subject is exemplified by the standard of contributor to this book and by the authors of the foreword, HRH the Prince of Wales.

Price: £21.25

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Garden Cities - Andres Duany & DPZ

This book by Andres Duany and his firm Duany Plater-Zyberk (DPZ) explores how the built environment can come to exist in harmony with the agrarian environment. Through his 85- page project Duany aims to show how this agrarian environment can become an integral part of where we live. 

Price: £15

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