Royal Visit to Tottenham to view Prince's Charities Work

HRH, The Prince of Wales visited Tottenham yesterday where he met representatives from his charities working in the area.

Prince Charles, accompanied by HRH, The Duchess of Cornwall, also watched the Olympic Torch relay as it passed through Tottenham, carried by Jay Kamiraz, a Prince’s Trust ambassador.

Six of the Prince’s Charities, including us, have been working in Tottenham extensively since the calamitous summer riots of 2011.

The Prince of Wales’s commitment to regenerating the area with the help of the local community became a driving force behind this large-scale collaboration.

Our team only recently completed a set of workshops to determine a new future for Tottenham Green (pictured above)

Having been identified as a key space for the community, we set out to work closely with local residents and stakeholders, giving people a chance to have their say and play a key part in deciding how the area will develop.

The green is positioned in such a way that it forms a key part of Tottenham, incorporating the strong existing cultural heritage around the area, which includes the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, the Marcus Garvey Library and the Bruce Castle Museum.

Our workshops and discussions with local community members emphasised the importance of this green space and formed the basis for our suggestions, which included changes such as new pedestrian links, improved pedestrian routes, and the introduction of a new café and children’s play area.

Alongside the work at Tottenham Green, we have also been in the early stages of working with the community of Broadwater Farm.

Together with our ambassadors Diarmuid Gavin, Tom Petherick, Adam Hunt and Lulu Urquhart we are embarking on a vocational skills programme with Back 2 Earth.

The vocational skills programme will form an integral part of our efforts to further develop the current Broadwater Farm gardens.

During their visit, TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, met with our team in Tottenham who spoke to them about our work.

Hank Dittmar, our Chief Executive, said: “It’s fantastic to see the pace at which the work by all the Prince’s Charities is progressing in Tottenham. Last year’s riots had a damaging effect on the area, and guided by The Prince of Wales’s personal commitment we have been working together to help strengthen the community.

“The Foundation’s work on Tottenham Green and the gardens in Broadwater Farm estate form an integral part of this work, and our own mission to transform lives by engaging, educating and empowering people.”

“Together with The Prince’s Trust, Business in The Community, The Prince’s Teaching Institute and The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts we hope to be able to collectively offer Tottenham the best possible tools for change.”

During their visit TRH also viewed activities taking place at the MENCAP community centre including football and carnival dancing.

This is the third visit by The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall to Tottenham in the wake of the riots.






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