HRH The Prince of Wales visits Highbury Gardens (watch our film)

HRH, The Prince of Wales visited Highbury Gardens today to highlight the importance of quality and community engagement in the delivery of new homes.

During his visit, Prince Charles met the Housing Minister, Mark Prisk, as well as residents, members of the local community and the developers behind the project. 

The Prince of Wales also met Demetri Porphyrios, from Porphyrios Associates, the architect behind Highbury Gardens, and an instrumental part in the development's success. 

The visit coincided the launch of our latest report, entitled “Quality: The Key to Delivering More Homes”. 

Besides Highbury Gardens, a development by London residential investment company First Base, the report includes detailed information on the developments at Westoe Crown Village (South Tyneside) and Kingston Mills (Bradford on Avon). 

Each of the three case studies presents evidence in support of increased community engagement, and its effect on the success of the development, both in the market place and amongst existing community members.

Our Chief Executive, Hank Dittmar, said: “The case studies presented in our report highlight how important community engagement is in the process of delivering high quality housing that helps create sustainable communities. 

The developers behind Highbury Gardens, Westoe Crown Village and Kingston Mills all embraced this ethos, and succeeded in delivering affordable, high-quality projects despite a challenging economic climate. We believe that developers should learn from case studies like these in order to help us meet the current British housing demand whilst delivering quality developments that people want to call their home.”

To read the full report, or our press release for the day follow the links on the right-hand side of the page. Our video of the visit will be published soon so make sure to check our website!