First New Orleans Summer School starts

Our New Orleans Summer School has officially started, with students from all over the United States coming together to learn from each other's skills and experiences, collectively aiming to understand and appreciate the relevance of traditional building skills in the 21st century. 

Twelve candidates from diverse backgrounds will come together to share their passion and interest in the characteristic architecture of New Orleans. 

Programme Leader Anne Daigle said: "We are exited about the talented and energetic group of candidates in this first Culture of Building Skills Summer School in New Orleans. The diverse mix of architects, craftsmen, planners and even an attorney and film set decorator, promises a balance of perspectives."

An intensive, three week programme will take students from the classroom to the blacksmith shop, as the group learns about a variety of skills including life drawing and masonry, perspective drawing and ironwork. 

During week one students and instructors will meet in the City's historic Garden District.  They will challenge their understanding and philosophy about what true "sustainability" means and how it is accomplished. 

Students will discuss lectures on historic preservation, the universality of geometry, and the composition and proportions of the classical architectural orders.  They will construct models of platonic solids and have daily lessons in life drawing and perspective.  

The Summer School experience will culminate when the students eventually enter the design week in the third, and final week of the programme.

During the design week the students will be working at the Destrehan site, a historic plantation on the great Mississippi River Road. Here, students will pull together everything they learned during their previous three weeks to design a guest cottage that utilises local materials and building traditions.

We have been working in New Orleans since the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Aiming to teach the local community more about the rich and unique building styles of their area, we hope to give them the tools they need to rebuild and maintain the important architectural heritage of New Orleans.  

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