Building Skill in Sierra Leone

We are thrilled to have started our Building Skill in Sierra Leone programme! 

Together with the National Association for Peace and Positive Change (NAPPC) we have been working with the local residents of Coconut Farm to give them the skills they need to make positive changes in their community. 

In 2012, a Prince's Foundation team flew over to the Sierra Leone to conduct a series of workshops to establish what the local community needed most. 

We explored a series of fantastic ideas put forward by residents and stakeholders and settled on an amazing new community centre, using the best of local materials, and skills whilst meeting all the needs of the people who will use it. 

Now, with the help of the British Army Royal Engineers we will be training 25 community members, giving them the practical skills they need to help make positive change happen in their community.

The training programme will give them the chance to build, and maintain their local community centre, whilst also helping them gain a vital set of skills for future employment. 

Following their initial training programme with the Royal Engineers, the Sierra Leone Building Craft Apprentices will get started on their live build, seeing it through to completion.

We will be following them along the way, mapping their progress and keeping you posted on their development through pictures and blog posts. 

To follow our very first Sierra Leone Building Skill programme follow the links on the right-hand side through to our blog and dedicated Storify page.