University of Strathclyde students receive bursaries for Summer School

Following the collaboration between the University of Strathclyde and the Prince's Foundation we have granted three students bursaries to attend our Summer School 2012.

Ioannis Bourlakis and Zeynab Asgari both received a full scholarship, with a third student, Bryce Bushman receiving part funding for his place on the summer programme. 

We are committed to providing students with the opportunities they need to expand their knowledge and learn the valuable skills they need to develop their careers.

Our collaboration with the University of Strathclyde is a reflection of this commitment, and through our mutual dedication we hope to hope to provide the tools needed to fill an existing knowledge gap in the areas of urban design and green architecture. 

The three students will bring with them a hugely varied amount of experience from all over the world and in distinctly different areas of expertise.

As part of their summer school experience, they will be able to share these experiences with other students, including people with more technical backgrounds such as thatching, joinery and masonry . 

Over the course of three weeks students will be taught in a variety of subjects ranging from practical to theoretical, and put their respective skills and experiences to use whilst learning from each other.

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