Consultancy Services

Sustainable development is a tremendous opportunity for the built environment sector, both at home and abroad. The shifting demands of growth are complex and understanding the implications is crucial. Future urban developments must fulfil the aspirations of residents and create marketable, financially viable investments for developers; at the same time future-proofing the design to ensure better integration with the natural environment and protecting future generations from a legacy of negative impacts. 

Consulting using Community Capital

Through our trading subsidiary, Community Capital, Ltd., we offer consultancy, design and implementation services that aim to deliver the “triple bottom-line”. Building capital is our commitment; engagement is our approach.

Service diversity

We have an array of strategic consulting and advisory services and have worked with a range of businesses from global corporations to small house builders, landed estates to developers. We work closely with communities, local government and other stakeholders to ensure the best results. For every job we undertake we assemble a specialist team from our dedicated network.


The concept of Community Capital as a strategic framework for assessing sustainable development challenges planners, developers and communities to incorporate natural, social, built and financial capital into a whole-system view of a successful community. Our work is underpinned by looking at development using a holistic approach that includes both quantitative and qualitative aspects of sustainability.


We design using our Community Capital Framework™. It provides a comprehensive and practical way to assess the current and future sustainability of a community. We make places that are beautiful and long lasting, that have a sense of belonging and which are connected, balanced, resilient and prudent.

Using our Enquiry by Design (EbD)™ methodology, we strive to enhance the natural, social and built capital of the community while delivering competitive returns on the financial capital invested. Applying the framework as an assessment method helps stakeholders gain a better understanding of what a holistic approach to sustainability entails and provides a basis for robust transformational strategies. The Community Capital Framework is an accessible and innovative way to positively engage with communities. 


The Community Capital Framework and process can be used by communities as a simple way to assess their community and new plans for development.  It helps shape a vision and implementation strategies for environmental, social and financial sustainability within the built environment.

From start to finish

We advise on projects from inception to completion, from community consultation and design to quality assurance and the governance of the implementation. We start at the beginning of the value chain and see the project right through to the end. Successful, sustainable development  is about consistency, commitment and the delivery of tangible outcomes. 

If you think we might be a good fit and you would like to take advantage of our consultancy services, or consider hiring us for a project, then please email Lou at