Building skill in Jamaica

Educating in impoverished communities; training in traditional craftsmanship
Our course in Rose Town, Jamaica retrains young people in traditional crafts and demonstrates just how local traditional building techniques can be used to regenerate local neighbourhoods, while also providing much-needed employment opportunities.
Rose Town was a prosperous West Kingston neighbourhood in the 1960s, but economic and social conditions have since worsened and it is now deprived. Our guided regeneration programme gives students a chance to contribute to the strengthening of the town's sense of community, helping provide much-needed public space, civic buildings and amenities.
A 30-day heritage building course took place in Falmouth earlier this year. The programme provided students from Rose Town with training in traditional building crafts at Falmouth Heritage Renewal. The programme will provide between eight and ten students from Rose Town with training in traditional building crafts at Falmouth Heritage Renewal.  
Students will gain experience in a range of materials including lime, mortar, roofing materials and timbers, and will gain knowledge and experience in traditional methods of construction and repair as well as common restoration concerns.  
Other subjects taught include disaster mitigation issues, consider heat, ventilation, light and energy in building design and repair, while learning about global and environmental issues and the principles of professionalism and health and safety. 
It is envisioned that on completion of the course students will return to Rose Town to continue developing their skills and play a key role in the regeneration of their community through building the community centre outlined in our Rose Town Masterplan. Two sites have now been given to the Rose Town community by the Ministry of Housing as a site for the centre: lots 55 and 57 Duff street.
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